Check out the global community of ZINVO ambassadors. 


Miami, FL, United States

"I have been working with Zinvo for a couple of years and I have never been happier. They are definitely the highest quality affordable watch on the market!"

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Seattle, WA, United States

“I never leave my apt without my zinvo, their style and brand coincides so well with what we try to represent at zwing and it helps keep me looking sharp”

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Tempe, AZ, United States

"I’m so excited to be a part of the Zinvo Watch team! I didn’t expect these watches to be this great of quality when I first looked into them but I’m so glad I gave them a try. My first time wearing the Rival I got so many compliments and questions asking about it!
Safe to say I’m sticking with Zinvo to keep my watch game crisp!”

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Reno, NV, United States

“The right watch can elevate any outfit. So when zinvo released its rival collection I knew it was something I had to be apart of”

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Dallas, TX, United States

"Super glad to be an ambassador with Zinvo Watches. I get to showcase some of these unique pieces with my artwork! Everything ties together very nice, and it is a pleasure working with them!"

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Dallas, TX, United States

“I absolutely love my Zinvo timepiece. It can be dressed down or up which makes it a great everyday watch. When I was presented with the opportunity to partner with them, I eagerly accepted.“

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Memphis, TN, United States

"My experience as a ZINVO ambassador has been very positive and fulfilling. I love the brand and love being a part of it"

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