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ZINVO is a luxury brand that delivers stunning automatic and chronographic watches. Our goal is simple -- to rethink watches with something new and uniquely inspired. Made with sleek modern designs, high-quality watch movements, best-in-class materials, and affordable price points, ZINVO timepieces are sensible statements of style.

Our signature BLADE collection features a patent-pending design, strapping onto your wrist a one-of-a-kind look inspired by a jet turbine. The BLADE became an international phenomenon within its first year, allowing fashion-forward and fast-paced individuals in more than 40 countries to sport this uniquely resonating look.

Much like our watches do, we at ZINVO are embracing the momentum and constantly pushing forward. We’re committed to continuously innovating new timepieces that will exude high-impact aesthetic qualities while being grounded by reliable watch movement technology.

And that is the ZINVO promise.