Travelling with your watch

For many of us, the arrival of the holiday season brings with it the opportunity to travel– either to visit friends and relatives or for a well earned holiday. Whether we’re staying on our own shores or jetting off further afield, keeping our possessions safe, particularly our watches, can be a real cause for concern.
So how can we ensure that our treasured timepiece remains intact and in perfect condition until we’re safely home again?


Generally speaking, a watch that is suitable for wearing on the beach or playing sports or is not the same watch to match with formal wear at a restaurant. It’s rare to find a single watch that is suitable for every occasion, so travelling with a range to choose from becomes necessary.
A dedicated travel case is an elegant solution to the problem of transporting a number of watches.
The newest addition to Zinvo’s line of accessories is a compact box that’s small enough to fit in any hand luggage, yet fitted with ample padding to protect the contents from the rigours of travel.


When travelling by road or rail, keeping valuables secure is fairly straightforward, it is only when we have to entrust them to others that problems can arise.
Airport security has become incredibly strict, and rightly so. Security systems are looking for magnetic metals– gold, silver and platinum will not activate the alarms however the more common casing for watches, stainless steel, will. Although stainless steel is often thought of as being non-magnetic, it is dependant on the concentration of iron in its make up. This is why you are asked to remove watches and place them in the tray's with your other personal belongings for further inspection.

If you are bringing a case containing several watches you should, of course, carry it in your hand luggage rather than the hold for the sake of security. Again, it is very unlikely to be flagged, but if so, you will be asked to open the case yourself where you can take as much care as necessary to ensure your watches are protected from potential costly damage.

A short delay to confirm the contents is a small price to pay to safeguard a favourite piece.