#blade challenge

We are happy to announce a fun challenge for a chance to win a fully custom 1 of 1 BLADE designed by you. Check out the rules below to make your submission.

To enter the giveaway:

  • Customize the BLADE you would like to own in our customizer (click the button “Start Customizing”).
  • Take a screenshot of your exclusive 1 of 1 BLADE.
  • Post it on your Instagram by September 30th using #myZINVO #BLADEchallenge and tag us @zinvo. (We can only discover your post if your page is public).
  • Make sure to follow @zinvo #myZINVO and #BLADEchallenge
start customizing

How to win:

  • ZINVO team will import all the custom BLADE entries into our database.
  • All the entries will be posted on @zinvo story (2 at a time) and our followers will vote for a better customized BLADE.
  • The elimination process will be going till all the entries are voted for and there is only 1 left.
  • We will announce the winner on our instagram @zinvo and reach out for the details.

Latest submissions