ZINVO's Favorite Destinations: Bali

Continuing on our South East Asian tour, we stop by Bali for a few days in paradise. Armed with our ZINVO Blade watches, we spent our days on the beaches and nights partying it up. Find out why Bali is at the top of our favorite destinations list. 


Bali, dubbed the Island of the Gods, is one of the Islands in the Indonesian Archipelago. Bali's lax attitude combined with beautiful beaches, unique bars and an active nightlife, makes this one of the most visited destinations in Asia. 


Frequented by tourists from all over the world, a trip to Bali is unforgettable. Its climate is mild year round, but busy season is from June to September when humidity is low, and rains are sparse. Day activities include snorkeling, world renowned surfing, museums, water parks, and lounging on the beach while getting a massage.

Bali's Beaches

Kuta Beach is the most famous beach in Bali. Its welcoming soft sands and crystal blue waters bring in countless of tourists every year. The beach is sprawling with resorts and names that we know, like Marriott, Sheraton and Hard Rock, but there are many privately owned resorts favored by frequenting guests.


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Being a place of awesome beaches, there are, of course, plenty of awesome water-based activities available in Bali. For instance, surfers from around the world travel here to test their skills on the legendary waves. The snorkeling is also not to be missed in Bali with plenty beautiful marine life to explore. Alternatively, lazing on the sands and taking in the beautiful sights is perfectly acceptable too. Soak up the sun until it beautifully sets upon the horizon, ushering in the adventures of the night.

Bali's Nightlife

With a drink in hand and a ZINVO Blade Silver in tow, you're ready to indulge in Bal's nightlife. Just north of Kuta Beach is 61 Legian Entertainment Complex, which houses several trendy and happening spots under one roof. While there are numerous spots to explore, we recommend starting the evening at the Sky Garden Lounge rooftop lounge. 


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Feast on local delicacies while enjoying smooth chill sounds mixed by their resident DJ. The lounge chairs placed at the edge of the rooftop allows guests to take in the views and music while mingling with the crowd. Once you're ready to move, head downstairs to enjoy any of the happening clubs and bars—which you'll be happy to know, stay open until about 4am. 

HQ Beach Club

After a long night, the HQ Beach Club at the Grand Inna Kuta Bali is a perfect spot to relax and recoup with its laidback environment. This Beach Club, also known as "The Headquarters," has a glorious lap pool, full-service shaded seating, and beautiful beach views and access. There are also many restaurants and bars surrounding the lap pool should you want to indulge once again.


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Once a small fishing community, Bali has become a globally known destination catering to those that want to enjoy the best of life, even if just for a few days. With our ZINVO Blade Rose Gold watch strapped to our wrist, we raise a glass to beautiful Bali.