ZINVO's Favorite Cars: Ferrari California T

In the latest installment of our ZINVO's Favorite series, we delve into the revamped Ferrari California T. Come along with the ZINVO Blade Silver as we discover what about this awesome car inspires us to create our range of fashion-forward watches. 


Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in Maranello, Italy in 1939. Inspired by its prancing horse emblem we all have come to know and revere today, the car manufacturer personifies the Italian stallion attitude. Ferrari is known for its 16 F1 Championship wins and for bringing us iconic supercars like the GTO, Testarossa, F40, F50, and La Ferrari.


ZINVO Blade Silver Ferrari California T Watch


The Newly Designed Ferrari California T

Even though one out of three Ferraris sold is a California model, the car did not receive great reviews in the past. Car enthusiasts believed the Ferrari California was not representative of the thrilling driving experience that Ferraris are known for. However, the Ferrari engineering team changed all that with the newly designed Ferrari California T. Finally, gear heads claim that this entry level Grand Tour (GT) is not just a great supercar, but it is a great Ferrari deserving of the Ferrari name.


Turbo is Back

With the California T, Ferrari has brought back its turbo heritage, which hasn't been seen since the Ferrari F40 in 1987. The “T” in the name stands for turbocharged, and this new turbocharged V8 has 552 horsepower @7500 RPM and 557 lb/ft. torque, reaching 0-60 MPH in 3.2 seconds. This powerful and efficient engine is said to have zero turbo lag and boasts the immediate throttle response that was once reserved for their naturally aspirated engines.

The F1 dual clutch seven gear gearbox uses a variable boost management system that provides maximum torque throughout the acceleration cycle, with an unprecedented 755nm of torque in 7th gear. This is achieved with the progressive acceleration system exclusive to Ferrari and provides that coveted exhilarating driving experience.


ZINVO Ferrari California T Watch


Reduced Emissions

The State of California is known to have the most aggressive environmental laws and policies in the United States, and for a good reason. While one in ten Americans call California home (30 million people), the State has been able to keep the air, water and nature beautifully preserved and clean.


The same thinking went into the California T. Ferrari engineers made sure that the California T performed better but with increased effectiveness through combustion efficiency using newly developed technologies that allow more airflow to the chambers and Ion-Sensing Multi-Spark functions that provide increased power with much less fuel consumption. Even the oil pump is 30% more efficient because of a two-stage pump design. With such drastic reductions in emissions, this Ferrari supercar does 22.5mpg, setting a new benchmark for the industry.


Handling and Exterior

The California T's body and shell are made entirely of aluminum. The engine is 40mm lower in the chassis compared to the earlier version, thus, giving it a better center of gravity. Further enhancing the handling is Ferrari’s CST with F1 Track System, forgiving the worst drivers and rewarding the best of us.

In order to enjoy the sunny California weather, the California T's hard top retracts transforming it from a coupe to a spyder in 13.2 seconds. One of its best exterior features, the large front grill, is designed to feed air into the turbo charged V8, with many other air intakes found throughout the body.


Ferrari California T ZINVO Blade Silver Watch



The interior is extremely customizable, but you can expect the best Italian leather and craftsmanship. Here at ZINVO, we use 100% genuine Italian leather on all our men's watches. The finest feature of the interior is the steering wheel. Its intuitive layout allows the driver to control everything in the car, from turn signals, to windshield wipers, to driving mode. It even has shift light indicators set across the top of the steering wheel doing away with having to look at the traditional gauges when changing gears.



Even though the California T is sold as an entry-level Ferrari, the price can get quite high depending on options. It starts out at $210,000, but that can quickly escalate with each additional add-on.  


California T Ferrari ZINVO Watch


With their coveted designs and outstanding performance, Ferrari will consistently remain as one of the top supercar manufacturers in the world. Their contribution to pushing and evolving the race car industry trickles down into the production cars we see today. Enzo Ferrari would be proud of the company he started 77 years ago.