ZINVO’s Favorite Destinations: Tenerife

One of Europe's most beautiful destinations, it's easy to understand why Tenerife is a ZINVO Favorite. Invite a friend, pack your ZINVO watches, and fly with us to a Spanish island of beaches, volcanos, and carnivals. 


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Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands, which are a Spanish Archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean close to North Africa. Like all volcanic islands, Tenerife is full of beauty expressed in scenic terrain and spectacular views spanning beaches, mountains, and Spain’s most visited national park.


Tenerife brings in 5 million visitors per year to enjoy the perfect sunny weather, and the world’s largest carnival, the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Tenerife is also home to one of the oldest Dragon Tree, estimated to being 1000 years old.


Beaches – Playa de las Americas


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Playa de las Americas is the most frequented beach in Tenerife and is one of the most famous holiday resorts in Europe. Its beaches do not have lava sand, so you’ll experience beautifully fine-grained brown sand that will be gentle on your feet. There are also no high waves, making these beaches very child-friendly.


If you don’t want to just lie around under the Sun, there are many water sports options to enjoy. There also so many beach restaurants where you can sit, have tapas, drink wine, and enjoy the Sunshine glimmering in the Atlantic.


Cities – Santa Cruz


Tenerife is home to almost 1 million people who live in the towns scattered across the island. One of the most famous, and capital of the Canary Islands, is Santa Cruz. 500,000 people live in and around Santa Cruz, and it is known to be one of the top places to live in the world.


For those interested in archeology and history, Santa Cruz is an old city filled with many ancient landmarks and sites. But if you like the amenities of modern life, you’ll find it all in Santa Cruz. It has a modern road system, skyline and a modest nightlife (compare to neighboring city La Laguna). Santa Cruz is known to be the home of one of the world’s most famous carnivals (second to Rio) where thousands of people take to the streets to celebrate for over a week.


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Just 12 miles south of Santa Cruz city is the quaint town of Candelaria, home to the famous Basilica of Candelaria, as seen here behind the ZINVO Zealous timepiece for women. 


Nature - Teide National Park


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Teide National Park should be one of your top destinations to visit when in Tenerife. This national park is the largest in the Canary Islands and it has one of the most spectacular landscapes and views in one spot anywhere in the world. Situated on Spain’s highest mountain, Mount Teide, which the indigenous Guanches believed to be the gate to Hell, is now a geological treasure.


It is home to many animal and plants unique to the area. Because of the richness of the soil from ancient lava flows, the colors and shapes of the natural habitat will astound you. It has been compared to the volcanic parks in Hawaii and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Teide National Park will be a place you will never forget.


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Tenerife is loved and visited by millions of tourists every year. If you love to travel, then the beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, and majestic nature of Tenerife is an adventure that you need to experience. And if you haven't already, catch up on our other ZINVO Favorite Destinations on our Blog