ZINVO’s Favorite Cars: The Pagani Huayra

Welcome to our new series of ZINVO’s Favorites where we explore our top choices in cars, destinations, and fashion. We invite you to discover the ZINVO universe to see what inspires our creativity and drives us to produce our unique timepieces. Those familiar with ZINVO will probably recognize that several of our men’s watches are inspired by the best cars in the world—particularly with our use of carbon fiber. So in honor of our very first article of the ZINVO’s Favorites series, we take a look at none other than the ultra-exclusive supercar Pagani Huayra.


ZINVO Blade Silver Pagani Huayra Watch


Nestled in Modena, Northern Italy, lives Horacio Pagani. The visionary creator of the Pagani Zonda that was on par or even better than Lamborghini and Ferrari at the time. Since then, this Leonardo Da Vinci-inspired man began an eight-year journey to bring us the ultimate fusion of art and science: his pursuit of perfection would culminate into the Pagani Huayra.


The name Huayra is from "Wayra Tata", which is Quechua for "god of the wind". Designed after a wing of an aircraft, the Huayra is made up of 4,700 components—260 of which were created from solid aluminum blocks. Pagani’s signature carbon fiber formula is used on the entire skeleton of the vehicle. All of the carbon fiber lines line up so perfectly that some customers prefer not to have them painted, as seen in these pictures with the ZINVO Blade Silver.


ZINVO Pagani Blue Carbon Watch


When it comes to the pursuit of perfection, Horacio Pagani is as hands-on as they come. He wanted the lines of the vehicle to be beautiful and a rear spoiler would have ruined the fluidity of the design. So, he decided to design four independent wing flaps that would help with downforce when the car needed it. This dynamic driving experience is part of the active aerodynamic system exclusive to the Huayra. The system measures speed, steering angle, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, and yaw rate within milliseconds to decide which wheel needs the downforce exuded by the wing flaps. Furthermore, Pagani partnered with Bosch to develop an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to make the car almost crash proof.


Under the hood is an impressive Mercedes-AMG Turbo-Charged v12 that delivers 730 horsepower and 1,000nm of torque. This monster of an engine makes the Huayra street legal everywhere but takes away from the signature sound created by the naturally aspirated engine of the preceding Zonda. Pagani partnered with the MHG group in Germany to develop an exhaust system and muffler to make an engine that sounds like a jet. MHG has 20 years of Formula 1 experience and fashioned an exhaust made from titanium alloy finished with a blue shine created via a treatment with high temperatures.


ZINVO Pagani Huayra Blue Carbon Fiber Watch

 (Image: Alex Penfold)


The Huayra is an absolute engineering marvel and a work of art. It will set you back a whopping 1 million euros ($1.4 million), and everything is customizable and built to order to the customer’s specifications.


Here at ZINVO, we take inspiration from people such as Horacio Pagani. True craftsmen who make it their life's work to seamlessly blend art and science. While our timepieces will certainly not set you back $1.4 million, they were created to be uniquely designed and technically sound.