Watch Movements Explained

Watch enthusiasts understand that a timepiece is more than its exterior construction — what lies underneath to power the watch is just as important. ZINVO produces timeless luxury watches that aesthetically stand out from the crowd. In addition to the striking looks of ZINVO watches, we also equip them with reliable watch movements to ensure that the functions of the watch, whether hour, minutes, seconds, or date, remain in solid working order.

The movement in a timepiece is the driving force for the watch and all its functions. It is a key component in a timepiece, ensuring accurate time. There are a variety of different movements, but all fall into the categories of either quartz or mechanical. To understand what makes ZINVO movements so unique, read below to learn more.


An automatic movement does not require manual winding. Instead, an automatic movement, also known as a self-winding movement, is outfitted with a rotor. The natural motion of one’s wrist causes the rotor to move around, which then winds the mainspring. Therefore, as long as the watch is worn, it will continue to run. The power reserve of an automatic caliber refers to how long the watch will continue to run while in a stationary position, such as back in one’s watch box.

ZINVO’s Blade collection runs on a Japanese movement with 21 jewels and a 42-hour power reserve. The impressive movement can be seen through the exhibition case back. The innovative concept of the BLADE features our signature 1-second spin turbine. More labor-intensive, complex, and expensive to create than a quartz movement, mechanical movements are often more revered by watch aficionados than their quartz counterparts. These wristwatches offer water resistance up to 5ATM or 50M. Each timepiece is handcrafted with attention to detail and high-quality standards.


Quartz movements require a battery to run, offering better accuracy than mechanical movements. In a quartz caliber, the electrical current from a battery causes the quartz crystal within the movement to vibrate. Those vibrations trigger the motor, which in turn moves the hands on the dial of a watch. Battery changes normally only need to occur every few years with a Quartz movement. A quality battery will still provide the best value for your money.

The Chrono collection runs on a Japanese quartz movement that has the features of multi-function stopwatch and a chronograph. It is a traditional men’s watch with a modern twist. Our team kept the BLADE’s DNA by implementing a small turbine in CHRONO’s 3H subdial. As an important feature of many watches, CHRONO’s quartz movement has a date function that is displayed in a large calendar aperture. Water resistance of these wristwatches are up to 5ATM or 50M. It's no wonder that the Chrono collection competes among some of the best luxury watches for men. 

No matter your style or preference, ZINVO has a timeless luxury watch for everyone! Browse our watches online to find the perfect timepiece for you

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