One Watch, 15 Looks. Introducing New ZINVO Straps

Along with our fantastic range of watches, we now introduce an exciting assortment of different watch straps. And because we believe in top quality, all ZINVO watch straps are 100% genuine Italian leather. Plus, each strap is delivered along with a stainless steel pin buckle, pins, and a small tool for easy installation. Changing the look of your timepiece to match your mood or outfit is quick and easy. 


Strap it! Our new collection is live. Hit the link in our bio for details 📲 #MyZinvo

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 From classic to sporty to some in between, here are fifteen ZINVO watch straps to give your Blade watches a whole new look.


ZINVO’s Classic Watch Straps

If you’re looking for a classic way to wear your watch strap, then we have a couple of options to choose from. First, there’s the versatile and timeless Black Strap that pairs well with any of our Blade models. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an even dressier route, there’s also the elegant black Crocodile Stamp Strap. Couple these straps with our gold models — Blade Gold, Blade Onyx, and Blade Nemesis — for some serious good style.

ZINVO’s Classic Watch Fashion Straps

If black is too plain for you then check out the leather Tan Strap, perfect for the fall and winter season. The beige hue contrasts well with our black and gunmetal models like the Blade Gunmetal and the Blade Phantom.


ZINVO’s Carbon Fiber Watch Straps

If supercars are more your pace and you love the distinct pattern of carbon fiber then don’t miss the all black Carbon Leather Strap or the Q4 Red Carbon Strap, which boasts a flash of red leather padding and matching red stitching.

ZINVO’s Carbon Fiber Watch Muscle Straps

For a full carbon fiber look, wear these ZINVO straps with the Blade Venom.


ZINVO’s Moto-Inspired Leather Watch Straps

Release your inner rebel with our assortment of moto-inspired straps complete with a padded leather look. From the monochromatic Q1 Black Strap to the two-tone Q2 Red Strap, Q3 Blue Strap, and Q5 Green Strap, the choice is varied.

ZINVO’s Moto-Inspired Leather Watch Speed Straps

Achieve peak wrist style by matching the colors on the spinning turbine blade dial with the strap, like the Blade Nitro with the Q3 Blue Strap.


ZINVO’s Camo Strap

Military gear is always on trend, so for something unique then opt for the new White Camo Strap. With a geometric pattern of white, gray, and black, this is an awesome way to sport the military motif.


ZINVO’s Racing Stripes Strap

Inspired by the geometric design details of different colored stripes on racing cars, we’ve introduced the sporty racing stripes watch collection with a bold dash of color. There are the M1 Red Strap, the M2 Grey Strap, and the M3 Blue Strap options along with the W1 Blue Strap and W2 Red Strap.

 ZINVO’s Racing Stripes Power Strap

For a great combo, we recommend wearing the Blade Ethos with the M2 Grey Strap.


Why settle for just one style when switching the strap on your Blade watch gives you a completely new watch. Browse our collection of new straps for a savvier way to change up your wrist game.