Complete 6 Different Looks With A ZINVO watch

No matter the situation, there’s the right ZINVO watch for you. Whether you’re headed to the office, having a night out, or enjoying a weekend getaway, check out these super stylish ZINVO watches to add that extra special touch to your wardrobe.


A ZINVO for the Office

 ZINVO Office Watches


Whatever your office dress code is, a ZINVO timepiece is the ideal companion to up your wrist game. Fashionable, well-made, and reliable, a ZINVO watch will never let you down while you work hard to excel.


For the gents, you can’t go wrong with the stainless steel Blade watch. Our signature model, the Blade features a patent-pending design with an oscillating turbine on the dial, a mechanical movement, and a leather strap. With its eye-catching aesthetic, the ZINVO Blade pairs seamlessly with either a suit or jeans and a tee.


For the ladies, the ZINVO Zealous is an elegant timepiece with a clean dial and a classic leather strap. To match your well-put-together office wear, the Zealous is offered with a choice of three strap colors: black, gray, and blue.


A ZINVO for a Night Out

 ZINVO Night Out Watches


Add some flair to your night-out attire by strapping on a ZINVO watch to your wrist. Stand out from the crowd as you partake in some much-needed after-hours fun by showing off your style the ZINVO way.


For him, go for the Blade with a gunmetal finish. A more muted version of the ZINVO Blade, the gunmetal version is well suited for the night owl. Rock it with the black leather strap that the watch is presented on or alternatively, dress it up with a different ZINVO strap — either way, it always looks great.


For her, opt for a ZINVO Vivid — because it’s hip to be square! The distinct square-shaped stainless steel case is kept clean and bright with a white dial topped with the trio of center hands and discreet date aperture. Whether you select classic black, versatile gray, or lush Bordeaux, the texture-rich stingray leather strap is one that can’t be missed.


A ZINVO for the Weekend

  ZINVO Weekend Watches


It’s the weekend! A time to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy some well-deserved time off. If you’re hitting up a brunch with some friends, spending a day of fun in the sun, or simply lounging around, look the part with a ZINVO watch at your side.


A solid option for a men’s weekend watch is the 12k gold-plated Blade. A bold statement watch and one of our most popular timepieces, the yellow gold ZINVO Blade catches everyone’s eye. Regardless if you’re chilling or enjoying an exciting escapade, the gold Blade is the ultimate style sidekick.


While for women, the captivating ladies’ Blade watch will mesmerize onlookers with its hypnotizing turning dial. Sporting a 36mm 18k gold-plated case and outfitted with a genuine black snakeskin strap, this timepiece certainly makes its presence known. Even better is that at the heart of the watch is an automatic mechanical movement that will continue to go as long as you do.


From the workplace to social events and everything in between, a ZINVO watch will always be just right. Take your pick from our Blade, Zealous, Vivid, or our other fashion-forward watch collections, and you’ll always be noticed for your trendsetting style.