Blade Fusion Joins the ZINVO Lineup

Following up our recent flurry of new models, Blade Fusion is now here. Aptly named, the Fusion brings together rose gold and gray details in one of our most refined, yet utterly modern watches yet.

 ZINVO Blade Fusion Rose Gold Mens Fashion Watch

Boasting a precious rose gold plated case, this warm gold color speaks to the most fashionable of men. Subtler than yellow gold and more lavish than stainless steel, rose gold offers a touch of lavishness.

Housed within the rose gold case of the new Blade Fusion watch is a revamped version of our famous patent-pending spinning dial. Rather than the blade disc that moves once every section that were on preceding Blade models, the newest versions of Blade includes precision-cut titanium blades. On the Fusion, we opted for black metal blades outlined in gold to perfectly match the case.

The rotating blades sit on a sleek slate gray dial—a color that extends to the chapter dial with the signature carved out hour-markers. Plus, to tie everything together, there are the white-tipped center hands extending outside of the blades perimeter.

  ZINVO Blade Fusion Rose Gold Mens Luxury Nice Watch

Carrying on the slate color of the dial, there’s the pair of gunmetal tear-drop shaped lugs. These distinctly shaped lugs that are characteristic of the Blade watch collection attach the gray genuine leather strap to the grooved 44mm case. To further amp up the stylishness and luxuriousness of the Fusion, the gray strap is stamped with a fashionable alligator motif.

Beating within the fashion-forward Blade Fusion watch is an automatic mechanical movement. Without the need for batteries, a ZINVO Blade will continue to run as long as it resides on your wrist. And if you want to switch out this particular Blade for another ZINVO watch, the Fusion will keep going for up to 42 hours until the power reserve runs out.

  ZINVO Blade Fusion Rose Gold Mens Luxury Gray Leather Super Watch

Fusing together cool gray and warm rose gold, the Blade Fusion is a modern luxury men’s watch that can be enjoyed every day without emptying your wallet.