Instagram is the go-to for all things inspo, especially fashion. With a crazy long amount of style accounts worldwide, we went on the hunt to find some under the radar men’s fashion accounts that you just have to follow for your daily fashion fix.


From formal suits and ties kinda guys, to sweet and sleek street styles, our list is sure to get your inspiration juices flowing! Be warned: the following content may urge you to jump online and cause serious damage to your bank account. We forgive you.


‘Fashions fade, style is eternal.’ -Yves Saint Laurent.

Username: @whatmyboyfriendwore  /  Location: Unknown  /  Inspo Style: Formal

@themodernotter   /   Location: NYC   /   Inspo Style: Casual

Username: @denny623   /   Location: NY, NJ   /   Inspo Style: Street

Username: @thepacman82   /   Location: Unknown   /   Inspo Style: Casual

Username: @fabioattanasio   /   Location: Italy   /   Inspo Style: Formal

Username: @trevor_stuurman   /   Location: Johannesburg, South Africa   /   Inspo Style: Casual/Street

Username: @joeylondonstyle   /   Location: London, UK   /   Inspo Style: Casual