ZINVO's Favorite Destinations: Los Angeles

Continuing our new series focusing on ZINVO’s Favorites—where we explore our top choices in cars, destinations, and fashion—we look at none other than the city of Los Angeles. Join us as we journey to one of the coolest spots on the planet. And don't forget, no adventure is complete without a trusty timepiece as a companion.


There is no shortage of movies, series, novels, songs, poems, and games inspired by the city of Los Angeles. It also has its fair share of earthquakes, fires, riots, and droughts but the City of Angels still remains one of the most visited and loved cities in the world. It is also one of the nation’s most diverse.


Visitors from around the globe come to LA—among other things—because of the allure of Hollywood, the lavishness of Beverley Hills, the beauty of its beaches, and it’s over-the-top theme parks. 


Los Angeles ZINVO Blade Silver Watch


Movies and TV Series are truly a global phenomenon. They are one of America’s best exports and influence on world culture. The history of Hollywood is full of intrigue and mystery. This has attracted millions of visitors to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theatre and the numerous Hollywood tours that take fans around Beverley Hills for a glimpse of stardom. We couldn't help but snap a pic of the ZINVO Blade Silver on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Many visitors never go back after being lured into the seductive possibility of becoming a famous Hollywood actor.


If you're a night owl, then Hollywood is the place to be. There is no absence of celebrity chef restaurants and celebrity owned bars and clubs to spend the night partying it up like a rock star.




LA Beach ZINVO Blade Watch


LA is also famous for its beach culture. Restaurants and bars populate these streets, but so do street entertainers like musicians, dancers, magicians, and even prophets of the apocalypse. And the sunsets over the Pacific Ocean are incredible. 


Piers like Venice Beach and Santa Monica are only just a fraction of the beaches that one can visit. Malibu, Pacific Palisades, and Manhattan Beach might also come to mind. If you have time, head to the beach cities of Orange County. Just a few miles out of LA is “Surf City, USA” a.k.a Huntington Beach where they hold the annual US Open of Surfing. Be careful though, if you are not used to the Pacific Ocean, get ready for some strong and aggressive waves. Bring your swim fins if you don’t want to be lectured by the lifeguards.


Theme Parks

ZINVO Blade Hollywood Watch


No trip to LA is complete with some theme park time. Walt Disney built the world’s first theme park in Anaheim, Orange County, in 1955. Since then, Disneyland has expanded the park to include California Adventure and they recently announced plans to spend $1 billion to build Star Wars Land which is set to open in 2017.


If you're looking for something more local, Los Angeles is home to Universal Studios, Hollywood Theme Park. Universal generously opened its doors to the public to show us the magic that Hollywood can create with its famous Studio “Back Lot” Tour. Recently, Universal Studios built out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, rivaling Disney’s investment into Star Wars Land.


LA Sunset ZINVO Blade Silver Watch


Whatever your fancy, the Los Angeles area will keep you entertained. An unrivaled mix of grit and glamor, it's a city that everyone must make the time to visit at least once. With every stopover in LA, we get energized from the city's creativity, culture, and fashion-forward style.