ZINVO's Favorite Destinations: Las Vegas

For this week's ZINVO's Favorite Destinations, we strap on our ZINVO Blade 12k Gold and head to Las Vegas! But rather than just staying on the Strip, we venture out to discover what lies beyond the city too. 


Situated in a basin floor of the Mojave Desert and surrounded by mountains is the fabulous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. A city that attracted over 42 million tourists in 2015, Las Vegas has been called the City of Sin and a marketing campaign stating “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” doubled down on that image.


While a trip to Vegas usually means grand hotels, bustling casinos, world-class restaurants, and thrilling shows, there is another side for tourists to explore outside of the main city. When the crowds, bright lights, increased oxygen, and slot machines become too much, it's an easy trip to the desert or to the majestic Grand Canyon.


The Strip

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The Las Vegas Strip is approximately 4.2 miles and is very pedestrian friendly. Most of the world’s largest casinos, hotels, and resorts are located there. More specifically, 14 of the 25 world’s largest hotels by room count are on the strip. If there is casino/hotel you decide to visit, it has to be the Bellagio.


The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is considered one of the top hotels in the world, as illustrated by winning the AAA Five Diamond Award 15 years in a row. The Bellagio is even home to Picasso, a two Michelin star restaurant. Furthermore, the Fountains at Bellagio were groundbreaking and a world-first when revealed to the public. These fountains synchronize to music in a choreographed fashion, making them come alive. It’s a beautiful display of rhythm, lights, and explosive finales.


The impeccable and award winning interior design is also loved by poker players. The Bellagio’s poker room is frequented and favored among many pro poker players. It has been said that the pots during these games frequently exceed $1 million.

The Desert

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While you cannot visit Area 51, you are allowed to visit the Nevada Test Site. On July 16, 1945, Trinity became the first nuclear detonation the world has ever seen. It happened at the Nevada Test Site, just 65 miles Northwest of Las Vegas. The site experienced 1000 nuclear explosions throughout five decades, and people would flock to Las Vegas to witness these atomic tests. Today it is open for public visits, however, visitors must reserve a month in advance and are not allowed to have phones, cameras, or binoculars.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon ZINVO Blade Gunmetal Watch


There are countless companies in Las Vegas that offer adventurous treks to the Grand Canyon. And if you have the time, it's totally worth the visit.


The Grand Canyon is a result of millions of years of erosion from the Colorado River. You can clearly see the rock formations behind the ZINVO Blade Gunmetal. It became an official national monument in 1908 after President Theodore Roosevelt was overwhelmed by its grandeur. It became a national park in 1919, despite pushback from landowners and mine operators. 


From Las Vegas, there are many different options for visiting the Grand Canyon. You can either have a bus tour with a stop in Hoover Dam or even add a helicopter ride. Alternatively, you can include a white water adventure tour too. Or, if you can handle it, you can go for the SUV tour and a self-drive white water adventure. 


Las Vegas is a destination for millions of tourists. Whether you are there to gamble, party, golf, enjoy the pools or embark on an adventure beyond the city's borders, there's a little bit of everything for everyone.