ZINVO's Favorite Cars: BMW i8

For this week's look at a ZINVO Favorite, we take our collection of Blade watches for men for a spin in the futuristic and innovative BMW i8. 


BMW, an acronym for Bavarian Motor Works, has been around since 1916. They have always been at the forefront of technology building aircraft engines for Germany during both the first and second World Wars. They were also forced twice to shift focus away from building aircraft engines, and for our intended purposes, we are happy they did.


BMW launched a campaign 34 years ago, with the slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine," and rightfully so. With such a long history of technological innovation and achievements, BMW has brought us a car from the space age. The BMW i8 is a technological marvel pushing the limits of power while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint.



ZINVO Blade Gunmetal BMW i8 Watch


Combining the efficiency of an all-electric engine and a twin-turbo motor, the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid does 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds with a top speed of 155mph. Despite this power and speed, the i8 does it efficiently with an extraordinary 76 mpg and a 330-mile range. Like most hybrids, energy can be repurposed into charging the battery of the electric engine from breaking, directly from the gas engine, and thrust.


For those having trouble with letting go of the gas engine, in Sport mode, the three-cylinder turbocharged engine is fully engaged, but a fake V8 engine sound is pumped through the speakers perfecting the illusion.                   


Exterior Design


ZINVO Blade Gunmetal Miami BMW i8 Watch


As seen in the background of the ZINVO Blade Gunmetal, the design of the i8 is straight out of a science fiction novel and features some very futuristic elements sparking the geek in all of us to celebrate that such a vehicle is actually for sale to the general public. If Back to The Future was filmed today, Doc Brown would’ve used an i8. Especially that the car just looks fast when not even moving. It's constructed of aluminum and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic and has scissor doors for an unforgettable look. 


The aerodynamics of the BMW i8 are truly amazing and borrows from the aerospace industry. For example, there are four holes, two on top and two on the bottom, designed just to let air glide through, reducing drag which increases speeds and efficiency.



ZINVO Blade BMW i8 Watch


The inside of the i8 looks like a cockpit of a classified aircraft. The gauge cluster is a full LCD screen, which displays what we are used to seeing, but it also displays what driving mode you are in with different color themes. Sport mode makes the gauge cluster dark red, Comfort mode makes it serene white and shows the electric engine statistics, while Eco-Pro mode focuses even more on the electric motor. And finally, the e-Drive mode is completely electric giving you a distance of 15 miles and a max of 75mph.


The interior also features the BMW iDrive Touch infotainment system, doing away with the old-fashioned way of clicking, turning and selecting. The system recognizes finger handwriting, so just one gesture with your finger launches what you want in real time.


BMW has been contributing to the future of technology since its inception. The i8 is a perfect example of what the car manufacturer can achieve when up for a challenge. The $150,000 price tag is well worth it, especially when you will be saving at least five times on your gas bill compared to other sports cars. The ideal combination of performance and design is what we strive for at ZINVO watches