Meet the New ZINVO Blade Collection

Since its release, the Blade watch has enjoyed incredible success with customers from all over the world snapping up ZINVO’s signature model. The first generation of the Blade included watches in stainless steel, gunmetal coating, matte black coating, carbon fiber details, 12k yellow gold plated, and a limited edition 18k rose gold plated version. Always looking to improve and stay ahead of the pack, ZINVO has now released the second generation that includes both improvements on the first designs, in addition to fresh new colorways. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

What are the improvements to the Blade?

The most notable modification to the Blade model is the replacing of the turbine blade decorated plastic disc that sat at the center of the dial. Now, rather than the disc, the Blade watches are equipped with actual precision-cut titanium turbine blades. So, while the Blade still has the same hypnotic effect of a dial in constant motion—60 clicks for 60 seconds—it now boasts a metal turbine for an even more stylish look.


We are excited to introduce ZINVO BLADE with METAL TURBINE! Available now at

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Plus, since top quality is at the core of the ZINVO brand, all Blade watches are now crafted in high-grade 316L stainless steel. All other premium design details, such as sapphire crystal, genuine leather, and mechanical movements, remain intact.


Six New Blade Models!

For 2017, ZINVO has unveiled six new Blade models—essentially doubling the collection. The new models take on a bolder approach to an already very distinct and very stylish man’s wristwatch. First, there’s the Blade ENCORE with a gunmetal coated stainless steel case that comes outfitted with a perforated leather strap in a neutral sand color.

Zinvo Blade CORSA Speed

This is followed by the Blade CORSA, which sports a matte black coated stainless steel case, red and black turbines, and a black leather strap. Then there’s the Blade NITRO, with a gunmetal coated stainless steel case, blue indexes on the black dial, and a black perforated leather strap with blue stitching.

 Zinvo Blade Nitro High

There are three new Blade models that flash a little more color than what we’ve seen previously in the collection. For instance, the Blade ETHOS’ gunmetal case houses a sleek gray toned dial accented by a pop of orange on the logo and minute/hour hands. The orange color carries through on the stitching of the gray perforated leather strap.

 Zinvo Blade Bold Line

An even more vibrant model is the Blade BOLD, which as its name suggests, features bold red titanium turbines on the dial along with red stitches on the gray leather strap attached to the gunmetal case. And finally, the most flamboyant of the new models, the Blade MARINE, which sports a chrome steel case, blue turbines, red hands, and a blue leather strap.

 Zinvo Blade Marine Sea

Kick off the summer season with one of the new Blade watches to stand out from the crowd. There’s no need to settle for dull minimalistic type watches—grab one of our affordable luxury watches and leave boring behind!