Freshen Up Your Style with ZINVO

The sky on your morning commute has gone from ink black to dark blue. Coming home, you can almost see a glimmer of light on the horizon. It can only mean one thing; we all made it through another winter. With spring approaching, it’s time to bring your style out of hibernation, shake things up and welcome in a brighter, more colourful season.

New clothing trends come and go and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the endless choices on offer. If you’re bored with your current look but don’t know how to go about updating it for the warmer months ahead, the best place to start is to invest in some timeless classics.

For men, classically tailored suits never go out of fashion. The ‘hot new look’ does. Remember when huge lapels and shoulder pads were in a few years ago? Would you wear them now? Didn’t think so.

Similarly for women, a perfectly fitted black blazer looks good over pretty much any dress in your closet.
Dark blue jeans are an essential for everyone. A classic and well-fitted pair of jeans is versatile enough to be worn with anything from a dress shirt to polos to T-shirts. Get the style that suits your body type, rather than this season’s craze. Not everyone can, or should, be wearing skinny jeans! If in doubt, boot-cut makes a great starting point.
A stylish alternative, although not a replacement for jeans, are chinos. Arguably slightly smarter, they can be great for the weekend or dress-down Fridays at work.
The classic white T-shirt should be next on the list. Choose whichever type of cut you prefer, crew neck or V-neck. But remember gentlemen; no one looks good in the deep V-neck!

And finally, the white dress shirt. Dress it up or down as you like.
Once you have these staples safely in the wardrobe, the most effective way to refresh your entire look is by pairing them with different accessories and experimenting with splashes of colour.

You can take a classic outfit in a completely new direction by simply wearing a brightly coloured T-shirt or highlighting it with a piece of statement jewellery. Take careful note of which tones complement and enhance your natural colouring and practice how to combine different shades to have the most impact.
Belts, bags, scarves or any of a range of different accessories can all breathe new life into an old look. The key is to know what looks good for you and your body shape and to keep it simple and sophisticated.

Of course, there’s nothing sophisticated about checking the time on your phone, so the most expressive accessory you can wear is a great quality watch.
Matching your watch to your outfit creates a harmonious look that sets you apart and sends a real message. Rose gold is a very feminine colour that adds a summer feel to a black blazer and jeans combination. Yellow gold, being neutral, can enhance almost any outfit but looks especially good with white during the sunnier months. Take a look at the Zinvo Blade women’s range for a design that’s elegant enough to be worn on any occasion.

For men, watches with black bands go well with black or grey suits, brown bands match with brown or blue. For casual wear, pairing the colour of the watchband with your shoes and belt works especially well, whereas a silver metal band fits in anywhere. Check out the Zinvo Blade or Offshore collection.

And don’t forget that style is more than just visual. You can even experiment with different perfumes and colognes as the season’s change. Winter is the time for woody and musky fragrances, but spring is all about the lighter floral and citrus notes.
Above all, be creative and have fun playing around with your look as you enjoy the brighter days ahead.