5 Ways to Properly Take Care of Your Watch

As luxury watches are both a personal style statement and a considerable investment, it's important to take the time to properly care for them. Doing so will not only preserve the look of the watch, but will also ensure that they will last a long time. Read on for our five tips on how to care for your watch.


1. Suitable Storage

One of the easiest ways to upkeep your timepiece is to store them correctly. When you’re not wearing your watch, storing them in the box that they were purchased in is the ideal place to keep them safe and sound. The next best thing would be a watch box built specifically to keep your beloved wristwatches protected. Or, for true watch aficionados, a watch winder may be worth looking into to keep your automatic mechanical watches working even while you’re not wearing them. If you take more than one watch with you while traveling, then a watch roll is in order to keep your collection organized and secure.


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2. Frequent Cleaning

Keep your watch as fresh as possible with regular cleaning. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe down the case and bracelet to remove any excessive dirt and grime. For a deeper clean, submerge your watch case (only if it’s water resistant!) in mild soapy water for a few minutes and then dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Make sure you remove the watch strap from the case prior to soaking it. For leather bands, use suitable leather cleaners, while metal bracelets can be cleaned with soapy water as well.


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3. Regular Maintenance 

It’s always a good idea for to send your watch to a professional for a service. Ideally, a mechanical watch should be serviced every two years, while a quartz watch can be sent in every three. Also, be sure to replace any dead batteries in a quartz watch as soon as possible.


4. Take Note of Water Resistance 

Prior to exposing your watch to any water, take note of its water resistance. It’s imperative not to take the watch deeper than its water resistance as this could lead to irreversible damage to the timepiece. Furthermore, it’s not advisable to submerge leather bands in water as this could comprise the appearance and quality. So if you’d like to take your timepiece that’s water resistant to 100m for a swim but it’s equipped with a leather band, switch out the strap for a rubber, nylon, or metal one before taking a dip.


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5. Avoid Chemical Contact 

To keep your watch in the best condition possible, avoid any contact with chemicals including harsh soaps, lotions, or cologne. Wait until any creams or fragrance has completely dried on your skin before you put your watch on. Also, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause fading on the watch, so avoid lengthy contact.