4 Everyday Essentials

Whatever your style, there are some things you just have to have if you want to go out looking and feeling properly dressed. These are the essentials, the little things that set you apart and give you that discreet finishing touch.

1. The Watch

Your watch is like your signature. It can tell people a lot about who you are, but in an understated, subtle way.
Today, when the ubiquitous smartphone has become the preferred method of checking the time, making the effort to select and wear an appropriate watch has become a real statement.
Endlessly versatile, every occasion and every outfit has its corresponding timepiece–from slim, minimalist models that compliment a well-tailored suit, to chunky dive watches that pair with dress down days. Collecting a range of top quality watches is an investment in the future and in yourself.
Check out Zinvo’s range of sleek but masculine watches for the ideal inspiration.

2. The Work Bag

Between work papers and gym kit, iPads and umbrellas, you have too much stuff to haul around. Even carrying a wallet in your pocket manages to ruin the look of slim fit trousers. You need a bag.
If you’re still toting around the backpack that saw you through college, you’re due an upgrade. You’ll know which option is most suited to your work environment–a classic leather briefcase or its younger sibling, the messenger bag. Perhaps a smart duffel for your workout gear or a tech bag for a laptop or tablet.
Like a great watch, what you carry over your shoulder quietly hints to your personality. Make sure you’re getting across the right message.

3. The Money Clip

Be honest, how much of the stuff you cart around in your wallet every day do you actually use? The five credit cards, the store cards, the receipts–all they’re doing is adding bulk and attracting the attention of pickpockets.
A slim profile money clip, enough to carry the one card you actually use and a few bills, is an elegant way to hold the essentials. Plus, your back will thank you. Sitting on a fat wallet all day throws your hips out of alignment and punishes the spine.

4. The Fragrance

Smelling good is an obvious everyday essential. But, just as you don’t wear work boots to the beach, the cologne you choose should always match your situation.
There’s no one-size-fits-all fragrance that works all year round. The spicy, woody notes of a winter scent seem out of place during a summer barbecue, where a light and airy tone is more appropriate.
Every one of us is unique and the different fragrances we choose are a powerful way of displaying the diverse aspects of our individuality.