Time Not Only Flies, But Looks Tremendous With ZINVO’s Badass, Jet-Inspired Watches

You’re a bold and unique individual, so why would you own a boring and predictable timepieces? Stylish, Los Angeles-based watchmaker ZINVO crafts stunning timepieces that are not your ordinary watch. These watches for discerning men are not only accurate, but will also stand out in a crowd.

ZINVO’s eye-catching line of BLADE watches feature a one-of-a-kind design that is inspired by aviation. At the forefront of ZINVO’s BLADE watches is a dynamic rotating “turbine” disc that replaces the second hand. Each movement represents a second and a full rotation is 60 seconds. The disc is modeled after the turbines found in jet engines. ZINVO watches are ready to go wherever in the world your journey takes them.

The exclusive turbine is unmistakably unique and you’ve never seen anything quite like it before. The signature turbine centerpiece is distinctly dynamic and is quite the attention-getter. The designers were absolutely thinking out of the box when they created this sui generis layout. The modern design is intrepid and peerless without being kitschy

The fashion-forward watch has machined holes on the dial that represent the hours. The gorgeous BLADE timepieces have a 44mm stainless steel ribbed case. The wristwatch boasts a mineral sapphire coated crystal to protect against scratches and to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

The versatile BLADE watches are offered in a variety of different cases and straps so there’s assuredly a ZINVO BLADE watch that reflects your style. One of the most appealing aspects about ZINVO watches is that despite having an incredible design and being made of premium materials, these timepieces are extremely affordable.

ZINVO also offers their CHRONO watch collection with its own distinct and innovative style. This style features a chronograph dial, a turbine subdial, and a date window. These timepieces are also conceived out of a notion to be original and have been crafted meticulously.

Time not only flies on a ZINVO watch, but it also looks tremendous on a ZINVO watch.