The Gadget List

Every man loves a gadget. It’s a genetic thing, deeply coded into our DNA and nothing at all to do with being oversized children still harbouring 007 fantasies. Here’s a list of our top favourites for this year, with not an exploding pen or invisible Aston Martin in sight.

The Leica Q

Yes, it may cost more than my first car, but the Q will also last longer and follows on Leica’s tradition of producing some of the finest and most sought after cameras in the world.
The fixed 28mm lens is the fastest in its class, meaning you can capture action shots and low light scenes with ease. The full frame, 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor gives stunning image quality up to 10,000 ISO and beyond. And it’s all wrapped in an achingly stylish, sleek black body that will withstand the harshest punishment you can bear to throw at a $4000 work of art. The perfect travel companion for the serious photographer.

Plantronics Backbeat Sense

Serious music lovers need serious headphones. The Backbeat Sense from Plantronics comes with a host of innovative technology that makes them the ideal choice for your commute or travel. Completely wireless, with an 18-hour battery life, they pause music streaming automatically when they’re removed from your head and start up again when put them back on. They can link to two Bluetooth devices at once from up to 100M away and the memory-foam earpieces and self-adjusting headband mean you can wear them all day in comfort. With exceptional audio quality and passive Noise Reduction built-in, the Backbeat Sense is the best way to experience your own unique soundtrack.

The Calypso Luggage Tag

If there’s a worse feeling than being that sole, lonely person left at the airport carousel, desperately waiting for your bag to come through but knowing deep down it’s about to rack up a lot more Air Miles than you, I don’t want to experience it. With this neat little tag, you can track the whereabouts of your luggage via a low-power Bluetooth connection with your phone. The dedicated app will send an alert when your case emerges onto the conveyor belt, meaning you can hang back from the mayhem as your fellow passengers elbow for space. If it’s lost, you’ll get a report on its last known location and once it’s back in range, it can even give you directions to come and find it. A simple device to cut out at least one of the stresses of modern travel.

AirDog Auto-Follow Drone

Everyone knows drones are unspeakably awesome. They’re capable of capturing the most incredible footage from angles that would have been impossible just a few years ago.
Now, with the AirDog, you don’t even need to learn how to pilot one in order to record your every move. Bluetooth connection to the wrist-mounted ‘AirLeash’ means the drone’s flight is completely automatic from take-off to landing. You can control every aspect of filming from the wrist unit, keeping the camera following behind or leading out front, always making sure you’re the star of the show.
Aimed mostly at the extreme sports enthusiast, the AirDog can fly at up to 42mph, has a battery life of 18 minutes and can reach up to 11,500ft above sea level.

Zinvo Blade

Finding the perfect go-anywhere watch has always been a challenge. Striking the ideal balance between functionality, innovation and style usually means having to compromise. With the Blade, Zinvo have created a watch that can be worn with any outfit, yet remains exceptionally accurate and features their unique Turbine technology. With a rotating propeller design replacing the traditional seconds hand, the Blade is a distinctive, eye-catching piece. The 21 jewels, Miyota 9015 automatic movement ensures precise timekeeping and the range of finishes appeals to all individual tastes and situations.
Take a look through Zinvo’s collection for your next favourite watch.